T A L E N T   T E A M

M O D E L I N G,   A C T I N G,    D A N C I N G,

C O M E D Y,   P O E T R Y,   A N D   M O R E !


The Royal Grind Studio's
M O D E L I N G   G R O U P

Central Arkansas


"Royalty" was a modeling team established in January of 2013 as a central Arkansas based "talent team" project for the studio. Models interviewed for a position to work with the studio in various creative photoshoots, networking events, and media projects. The modeling team proceeded with projects till 2014, as the founder was approaching graduation from Henderson State, ceasing operations until 2016.

The models were a part of a very important time and professional development. Their time, support, and zeal was and is much appreciated here at The Royal Grind Studio, LLC.



Well, Brand Ambassadors 

Founder and Artist, Jasmine Threatt decided to continue recruitment for her models (brand ambassadors) upon receiving her degree and moving back to the Benton/Bryant area. The brand ambassadors are offered consistent and exclusive opportunities to not just model on a regular basis, but also to act, to network, collect free merchandise and services, travel and more.

If you're interested in joining the studio's team of brand ambassadors, please reach out. Here you'll find a contact form as well as a Brand Ambassador Inquiry form. Short virtual and/or physical interviews will be scheduled after submission and processing of Inquiry form. Interviews are consultation of your goals and aspirations so that the studios can best service and aid your vision, while being an importance piece of ours' here at the studio.

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