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About The Royal Grind Studio

The Royal Grind Studio is a mass media production studio, based out of the Central Arkansas area. Since day one, our business has always strived to raise the standard of creativity and provide fun and fruitful avenues for aspiring models, actors, dancers, poets, and artists of all kinds.

The studio began in January of 2012, as Royal Black Photography, and then was re named later that year to The Royal Grind.

The Royal Grind Studio offers opportunities to act in productions as  well as model for advertising. The Studio also hosts networking events, therefor opportunities are available to preform and share your talents with others and growing one's audience.

We work to bring your ideas for photoshoots, branding, videos, etc. to life. 

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The Mass Media Artist & Founder

Jasmine Threatt

A passion for writing and creativity has always lived and thrived inside. 

Her active passion for writing and design began around the the age of seven--writing short stories and mini series, illustrating the stories. Her fifth grade teacher even allowed her to create and design a newsletter for her classroom which included small articles and a puzzle--done from the comfort of her parents living room on the family computer using Word Doc. & Paint. While in middle school she had written varies short stories inspired by Junie B. Jones books and television shows like Charmed and Powerpuff Girls. However, in Jr. High,  she retired the series to began a short love story that developed into her first book. Over a three year span she worked on this love story, renaming it twice. After completing the book during a Saturday school of her 10th grade year, she began to work on a digital copy. This book still remains in editing due to it having not been since 2009...and the Royal Grind Studio does plan to produce this body of work as a full-length film in the future.

During her last two years of high school, Jasmine seized an opportunity to a short sketch for the school talent show. She wrote and directed her first "on-stage" script, "Hip Hop Cinderella".

Jasmine was even nominated for and served as the chairperson of the Drive Smart committee for her high school. Drive Smart educates students on practicing safe and proper driving rules and such information. Opportunities to write sketches related to driving and car safety were available to present during assembly and various Drive Smart conferences. 

Initially, Jasmine went to college to pursue an education in English Literature and minor in Dance and Drama. The idea was to have that degree to become a writer of some sort--maybe more short stories, mini series, or even children's books. However, the first semester aided as a reality check to her passion. While reading was once one her brightest past-times, she was more engaged in the writing realm. Needing to cut the weight of excessive reading of various novels for different courses, she transferred to a community college near home for her sophomore year to finish general studies. Although, not before establishing a dance team at the university, called the Red Hotz Pom Squad. Progress was made after semester of pitching proposals, hosting practices, and interest meetings with the help of two of her dancer friends from high school-Kamia Dolphus and Jamish Franks. Thank you to Dr. Givan for supporting the vision 100%, allowing the dance team to be properly brought into fruition.

After transferring, Jasmine's passion for writing was pushed to the next level as a result of a creative writing course taken as an elective. The final copy of three short stories written for the writing course have been since lost, but what made them different were the nature of the stories--much more dramatic and intense story lines. Jasmine was able to step out of her element comfort and touch on more jarring part of reality.  

Also, being closer to home during this time allowed Jasmine to be around her peers. After a little streak of taking pictures of herself, she started pitching to others to let her take their pictures, with the only goal being a bright part of their day and make others feels beautiful. This goal resulted in the start of her business. 

In preparing to return to the university, a close colleague of Jasmine kept recommending "MASS MEDIA" as a new option for her major to pursue. After some pressure and some googling, Jasmine decided on the major of Mass Media while also changing her minor from Dance and Drama to Dance and Communications.

From there Jasmine received her BA in Mass Media with a minor in Communications where she studied print and digital journalism, film and radio, videography/editing, screenplay writing, broadcast, etc.  

There are many other layers to Jasmine other than being a writer and Mass Media artist, or a dancer. However, this is a passion she loves to share with others and wants to involve others in. She continues to write, she continues to grow, and she continues to strives to produce quality and purposeful art. 

Check out the studio and see if it's a fit for your need(s). We'd love to work with you and bring your vision to digital life!

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